Gun Control: A Course Reversal For The Builders Of Soviet America!


By clicking on WHEN THE LEFT LIKED GUNS, you will find a uniquely crafted article. It is an article about gun control written by a former leftist radical who switched sides. In recent years he has become a leader among Constitutional Conservatives! The author, Joseph Farah of WND, points out that the far Left in America was pro-Second Amendment during the Marxist Cultural Revolution which began in the mid 1960s and extended into the 1970s. Yes, when the Left was seeking political power in America they were actually pro-gun.

However, now that they have achieved power, they are obsessed with disarming their political opposition – the Defenders of Benjamin Franklin’s Constitutional Republic! Like their mentors in other Communist nations, they advocate armed revolution, and when power is finally attained, they reverse course and disarm the population to stifle what Communists call “counter-revolutionaries.” This is what occurred in the Soviet Union. This is what occurred in Soviet Cuba. And now we see the same course reversal by the Sociopathic Left as they build their Soviet America. Yes, folks, history does repeat itself!



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