From The Soviet Union, To Soviet Europe, To Soviet America!

800px-Gorbachev_and_Reagan_1987-3 U.S. President Ronald Reagan Speaking With Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

Today when we think of Europe we think of “European socialism.” When people spoke of Europe in earlier centuries they referred to it as “Christendom.” So, it is obvious who won the Cold War in Europe, and it wasn’t the Americans. It certainly wasn’t the “Christian Right.” Europe’s trek toward socialism is interesting in light of a statement made by Communist William Z. Foster in his 1932 book, Toward Soviet America. According to Foster the Soviet Union was formed after World War I; therefore, a World War II may very well produce a “Soviet Europe.” His statement was truly prophetic.

Approximately seventy years later British author Peter Hitchens, brother of the late Christopher Hitchens, would refer to the newly created European Union as “The New Soviet Union of Europe.” In addition, former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky agrees, and has stated bluntly that the European Union closely resembles the former Soviet Union in many disturbing ways. Most revealing is the remark made by Mikhail Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviet Union, and the former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, who referred to the European Union as the “new European Soviet.”

This is disturbing, of course, for many reasons. Firstly, Europe is being “fundamentally transformed” into a Soviet-style dictatorship. Secondly, Barack Obama has been described as a European Socialist by those too timid to call him a Marxist. And many have expressed concern that America is following the same mistaken path as the European nations – which are now facing financial collapse due to their delusional utopian socialism!

Conclusion: The Soviet Union collapsed in financial ruin; Soviet Europe is now collapsing in financial ruin; and Soviet America is being positioned to collapse in financial ruin! Yes, World War I ushered in the Soviet Union. World War II paved the way for a Soviet Europe. And now, the so-called War on Terror has clearly paved the way for a Soviet America!


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