Now We Know Why The Communist Party, USA, Loves ObamaCare!

Obamacare Shovel Ready

Now We Know Why The Communist Party, USA, Loves ObamaCare!

According to the IRS, the cheapest ObamaCare plan will cost $20,000 per family! In addition, the IRS is informing America’s parents that they must pay a federal fine if they have any uninsured children.

In a recent Gallup poll, 61% of small businesses in America report that they are ‘Worried’ over healthcare costs. 30% report that they are not hiring, but instead fear they may be forced to go out of business! A global medical company is laying off nearly 100 employees in America, and they report that ObamaCare is the cause of those layoffs!

Interestingly, leftist-controlled Big Labor supported ObamaCare, but now they are belatedly concerned about the high cost! It should be noted that SEIU spent $60.7 million to elect Barack Obama in 2008, and SEIU Pac alone spent $27 million. All unions combined spent about $400 million to elect Obama in 2008, and unions were expected to spend at least another $400 million to re-elect him in 2012. But that’s only part of the story, because union spending on various political activities far exceeds the direct donations they make to leftist candidates, such as Barack Obama.

Note the long list of organizations that have received exemptions from ObamaCare from the Obama Administration. What is extremely disturbing about this list is that numerous organizations that opposed ObamaCare have not received exemptions – while organizations that supported ObamaCare have received exemptions.

Note the alarming number of leftist-controlled unions that have asked for and received exemptions from ObamaCare. This is a massive travesty of justice because these same unions were staunch supporters of Obama and ObamaCare. These lawless leftists have stuck the rest of us with an expensive, tyrannical, substandard, job-killing, Soviet-style health care system – while exempting themselves. What kind of people would do that to their fellow Americans?

If America was still a Constitutional Republic instead of an Unconstitutional Democracy, this tyrannical piece of legislation would have been declared unconstitutional. Health care is not one of the duties or powers delegated to the federal government within the U.S. Constitution, and the Tenth Amendment tells us that those duties or powers (such as health care) that are not delegated to the federal government belong to the state governments and to the people themselves. Therefore, federal involvement in heath care for anyone other than federal employees is unconstitutional – and thus illegal. By the way, while health care is not covered in the U.S. Constitution, the Soviet Constitution stated that, “Citizens of the USSR have the right to health protection.”

This explains why William Z. Foster, the National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, wrote the following in his 1932 book titled, Toward Soviet America: In Soviet America there will be “a National Department of Health” that will provide “free medical service.” Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and now ObamaCare, all under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, most certainly constitutes the fulfillment of a dream for the builders of William Z. Foster’s Soviet America! However, for lovers of truth and liberty ObamaCare is a nightmare because health care was not free in the Soviet Union and it will never be free in Soviet America!

If America was still a Constitutional Republic instead of an Unconstitutional Democracy, participation in any health care system would be completely voluntary, and lawless leftists would not be able to illegally force Americans into a bureaucratic nightmare from which only they can escape! Welcome to Soviet America!

(To examine the difference between a Republic and a Democracy, Click Here to watch a short, but very informative, video!)


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