Kurt Nimmo Writes: TSA Moves to Sovietize Internal Travel

agent in cylinder

Bolshevik Big Brother is Watching You!

Kurt Nimmo Writes: TSA Moves to Sovietize Internal Travel

According to Kurt Nimmo, “In the former Soviet Union, internal travel was strictly controlled by the state and political heretics were banished to far-flung cities, gulags and mental hospitals. In America, the state is attempting to do the same by stealth as the control freaks in control move to micromanage all aspects of our lives and ferret out any effective opposition to their plan for global domination.”

In addition, the Blaze has reported the federal government is helping to finance the installation of listening devices on city buses. Yes, Bolshevik Big Brother is watching you, he is listening to you – and, as reported in an earlier posting, he is reading your emails. Welcome to Soviet America!

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Bolshevik Big Brother is Hiding The Truth From You!

One of a thousand reasons Americans do not trust the Soviet-bloc media

Before you read the featured article (by clicking on the above picture), keep in mind that Communists played an important role in unionizing workers in the USA. And when a contemporary union leader accepts an award from the Communist Party, USA, you can rest assured the close alliance between union leaders and Communist Party members remains strong to this day.

So, it is not surprising that today union dues are a major source of funding for the Democrat-Communist machine – And the Democrat-Communist machine is a major source of funding for unions. Consequently, no one is surprised that the Soviet-bloc media censors documented reports of union violence while fabricating false reports of tea party violence.

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