Typical Leftist Hypocrites: Do As I Say, But Not As I Do.


Volumes could be written about the endless parade of leftists who vehemently oppose the natural right of citizens to defend themselves with firearms, while secretly arming themselves. Democrat Senator Charles Schumer (who has a concealed carry permit), Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein (who has a concealed carry permit), and Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller (who illegally kept a Colt AR-15 “assault weapon” in his D.C. residence), represent a tiny fraction of the politicians who believe they can strip us “ordinary” Americans of our natural right to self-defense as secured by the Second Amendment – while arming themselves!

We can now add Democrat Illinois Senator Donne Trotter to the long list of anti-Second Amendment hypocrites. Trotter, who opposes so-called “assault weapons” and concealed carry permits for us “ordinary” Americans, was caught carrying a concealed handgun at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. If you want to read the details, just Click Here!

Note: Volumes could also be written about leftist Hollywood celebrities who exhibit the same degree of self-defense hypocrisy as their leftist political counterparts!

George Washington, the “Father of America,” clearly stated that, “Guns are America’s liberty teeth, we need them every hour.” William Z. Foster, the “Father of Soviet America,” also recognized this truism. Foster knew that, to remove America’s liberty, conquerors must first extract her liberty teeth. For this reason Foster said, “…the revolt of the workers [proletariat] cannot succeed in the face of the highly-destructive arms possessed by the capitalists.”

In other words, Foster was informing his fellow travelers that building a Soviet America would be much more dangerous to the builders as long as their intended victims, the American middle class, remained armed. Hence the bourgeoisie must be disarmed, and various gun control schemes would be implemented until that goal was achieved. Yes, to ensure the safety of the builders of Soviet America, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” must be infringed.

Note: William Z. Foster was the National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, and author of the 1932 book titled, Toward Soviet America! The title of Foster’s book served as inspiration for the title of the 2010 book, Welcome to Soviet America: Special Edition.

Of course, Foster was following in the footsteps of Vladimir Lenin, the “Father of Soviet Russia.” Lenin had been quoted saying, “…one of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming of the workers [proletariat] and the disarming of the bourgeoisie [middle class].” Lenin was followed by Joseph Stalin who said, “If the opposition [to communism] disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

Collectively, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev and their comrades disarmed and murdered 61,911,000 defenseless men, women, and children. That’s almost double the population of Canada in 2010. None of these victims were casualties of foreign war. Instead, they were casualties of the armed domestic culture war waged by officials of the Soviet government against their own disarmed people.

Note: The genocide figure of 61,911,000 is based on the work of R. J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, and author of the 1994 book titled, Death by Government.

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