Dinesh D’Souza Teaches A Few Important Lessons With Brilliant Simplicity!


Dinesh D’Souza Teaches A Few Important Lessons With Brilliant Simplicity!

In this short video, Dinesh D’Souze captures perfectly the glaring difference between the perspective of the Left and the Right on an important issue. And he does it with simple analogies that most anyone can grasp. In just six minutes he demonstrates that misguided tyranny should not be misrepresented as charity. Clearly, true charity can only occur within the context of liberty!

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ObamaLaughing (TheBlaze)

Communist Party USA: Obama Is Our Man!

With Barack Obama in the White House, American Communists say they do not need to run a Communist Party member for President. They can accomplish their goals by supporting Obama and other members of the Democrat Party. In addition, with Obama sitting in the Oval Office, Communist Party membership has been increasing significantly within the USA, or, perhaps we should say, the USSA!

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2 thoughts on “Dinesh D’Souza Teaches A Few Important Lessons With Brilliant Simplicity!

    • In July, 1997, the United Kingdom returned control of Hong Kong back to the People’s Republic of China. Now, under the influence of the Communist Chinese, Hong Kong has surpassed the United States in economic freedom. Hong Kong is now number one in economic freedom and America is ranked tenth.

      Back on September 9, 2008, Glenn Beck stated on his now defunct CNN television program that, “We are now more Communist than China,” and, “both sides [Democrats and Republicans] are running toward bigger government. We’re practically the Soviet Union.” Beck was correct. Today there is greater economic freedom in Hong Kong under the control of the Communist Chinese than in Soviet America, which is under the control of Communist and pro-Communist forces.

      As a Constitutional Republic, Sovereign America was at the top of the list. We were the envy of the world, and freedom-loving people around the world wanted to enjoy the prosperity of the American middle class. However, as William Z. Foster stated in his 1932 book, Toward Soviet America, capitalist America must be deconstructed and replaced with a Soviet America.

      If alive today, Foster would be proud to see that the builders of Soviet America have succeeded in dropping America from first place to tenth place in economic freedom. He would be ecstatic to see that people are now renouncing their citizenship and escaping from Soviet America and relocating to nations with greater economic freedom. Yes, the Left is winning!

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