Escape From Soviet America – To 15 Countries With No Income Tax!


Escape From Soviet America – To 15 Countries With No Income Tax!

Many have reported that Americans are escaping high tax states to live in low or no tax states. But some Americans are leaving Soviet America entirely and moving to low tax nations or no tax nations. As reported by Fox News, some Americans are renouncing their citizenship and leaving permanently to save their hard-earned money from an increasingly predatory government.

Click here and discover 15 NO TAX nations to which over-taxed Americans can escape. These 15 nations have no personal income tax – as once enjoyed by Americans before our Constitutional Republic began to morph into a Soviet-style state in 1913 with the installment of Karl Marx’s central bank and personal income tax system.

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No Warning Shot

Here’s Proof the Builders of Soviet America are Winning the “War For Crime!”

San Bernardino City Attorney Tells City Residents “Lock your doors and load your guns,” while the city murder rate increased by 50% in just one year – while cutting the police force by 80 officers! San Bernardino, under the leadership of Democrat Mayor Pat Morris, is not the only Soviet American city telling its residents to prepare for hard times. Others are saying, “Lock your doors and prepare to defend your family!”

For example, the City of Oakland, California, under Democrat Mayor Jean Quan, has seen burglaries increase by 43% in 2012, and the Oakland police force is projected to be 25% smaller than it was in 2008. And in the City of Detroit, under the leadership of Democrat Mayor Dave Bing, where there are 1,000 fewer police officers today when compared to ten years ago, police are warning each visitor that you “enter Detroit at your own risk.” And, under the steadfast leadership of Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago “has become one of the deadliest major cities on the entire globe.” Yes, the builders of Soviet America are most certainly winning the “War for Crime!”

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