We Know How To Stop School Shootings!

Beautiful girl holding a handgun

Welcome to Second Amendment America!

When a crazed gunman enters an American school intent on destroying innocent lives, he should be stopped immediately by a squad of Armed 21st Century American Teachers who are a clear and present danger to all human predators. A Gallup poll shows that nearly two out of every three Americans agree that arming educational professionals would be an effective tactic in stopping school shootings.

This tactic has proven to be effective and is now saving lives in Israel. In addition, this proven tactic is now saving lives in Utah, and it is now saving lives in Harrold, Texas. Yes, we know how to stop school shootings! All we have to do is follow the successful examples that have been demonstrated over and over again! No excuses accepted! End of story!


The Sovereign Investor Tells Americans How To “Escape From America.”


The Sovereign Investor is offering a free report titled “Escape from America.” Of course, the report should be titled “Escape from Soviet America!” For Americans who are concerned about the growing predatory nature of the federal government, The Sovereign Investor provides information on 27 nations where Americans can work, live or retire. In addition, two nations offer “instant” citizenship to Americans who want to escape Obama’s regulatory and confiscatory Soviet-style nightmare.

An excellent example of the marked decline in opportunities for personal and economic liberty in America can be found in the article titled, We are Witnessing the Death of Small Business in America.

In addition, The Blaze is reporting that the Obama Administration held back a mountain of new job killing regulations until after the election. Of course, this comes as no surprise to those who know a Master of Deceit when they see one. The piling of new, oppressive, Soviet-style government regulations on top of an already existing nightmarish mountain of regulations is one of the primary reasons We are Witnessing the Death of Small Business in America and a major reason The Sovereign Investor is offering Americans an opportunity to “Escape from America.”

Clearly, the Obama Administration is obsessed with taking a bad economic situation and making it unbearable.

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Is The Fourth Amendment & Your Privacy Now On Life Support?

obama-satisfied (Breitbart)

Obama Administration Tramples on the 4th Amendment and Your Personal Privacy!

Now that the election is over, you can be told that the Obama Administration has weakened your 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure – and it was done back in the first quarter of 2012. In addition to weakening the 4th Amendment, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder bypassed Congress when he signed an order empowering the feds to examine many of your records without a warrant – and share them with foreign governments.

Yes, the Obama Administration has now made it possible for your gun records, medical records, financial records, or other records to be read by Vladimir Putin, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the snoopy leaders of most any corrupt foreign government. You do not need to be a suspect of any crime, and no court order is required to violate your privacy in this manner – according to the Obama Administration! Welcome to Obama’s Soviet America!

Keep in mind that, with the help of the Obama Administration, the Muslim Brotherhood now controls the Egyptian Government, and may soon control the Syrian Government. And Obama was caught telling Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that, after the election, he would have more flexibility. And don’t forget that via Obamacare and other pieces of legislation, the federal government has, or will have, real time access to your medical records and financial records – not to mention your federal income tax forms.

It has been said that the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is not being violated because the federal government is only gathering and analyzing data that has already been collected. But the feds have collected, and will continue to collect, data it should not possess, such as citizen medical records, banking records, intimate personal income tax data, and personal data collected via intrusive census forms. For this reason more than just the spirit of the Fourth Amendment has been violated with this Orwellian, Big Brother activity.

More information is available at HotAir.com.

Extensive coverage is available at The Wall Street Journal Online.

Here’s some good news: The UN has failed in it’s attempt to control the Internet – at  least for now! Details are available here!

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Kurt Nimmo Writes: TSA Moves to Sovietize Internal Travel

agent in cylinder

Bolshevik Big Brother is Watching You!

Kurt Nimmo Writes: TSA Moves to Sovietize Internal Travel

According to Kurt Nimmo, “In the former Soviet Union, internal travel was strictly controlled by the state and political heretics were banished to far-flung cities, gulags and mental hospitals. In America, the state is attempting to do the same by stealth as the control freaks in control move to micromanage all aspects of our lives and ferret out any effective opposition to their plan for global domination.”

In addition, the Blaze has reported the federal government is helping to finance the installation of listening devices on city buses. Yes, Bolshevik Big Brother is watching you, he is listening to you – and, as reported in an earlier posting, he is reading your emails. Welcome to Soviet America!

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Bolshevik Big Brother is Hiding The Truth From You!

One of a thousand reasons Americans do not trust the Soviet-bloc media

Before you read the featured article (by clicking on the above picture), keep in mind that Communists played an important role in unionizing workers in the USA. And when a contemporary union leader accepts an award from the Communist Party, USA, you can rest assured the close alliance between union leaders and Communist Party members remains strong to this day.

So, it is not surprising that today union dues are a major source of funding for the Democrat-Communist machine – And the Democrat-Communist machine is a major source of funding for unions. Consequently, no one is surprised that the Soviet-bloc media censors documented reports of union violence while fabricating false reports of tea party violence.

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Typical Leftist Hypocrites: Do As I Say, But Not As I Do.


Volumes could be written about the endless parade of leftists who vehemently oppose the natural right of citizens to defend themselves with firearms, while secretly arming themselves. Democrat Senator Charles Schumer (who has a concealed carry permit), Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein (who has a concealed carry permit), and Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller (who illegally kept a Colt AR-15 “assault weapon” in his D.C. residence), represent a tiny fraction of the politicians who believe they can strip us “ordinary” Americans of our natural right to self-defense as secured by the Second Amendment – while arming themselves!

We can now add Democrat Illinois Senator Donne Trotter to the long list of anti-Second Amendment hypocrites. Trotter, who opposes so-called “assault weapons” and concealed carry permits for us “ordinary” Americans, was caught carrying a concealed handgun at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. If you want to read the details, just Click Here!

Note: Volumes could also be written about leftist Hollywood celebrities who exhibit the same degree of self-defense hypocrisy as their leftist political counterparts!

George Washington, the “Father of America,” clearly stated that, “Guns are America’s liberty teeth, we need them every hour.” William Z. Foster, the “Father of Soviet America,” also recognized this truism. Foster knew that, to remove America’s liberty, conquerors must first extract her liberty teeth. For this reason Foster said, “…the revolt of the workers [proletariat] cannot succeed in the face of the highly-destructive arms possessed by the capitalists.”

In other words, Foster was informing his fellow travelers that building a Soviet America would be much more dangerous to the builders as long as their intended victims, the American middle class, remained armed. Hence the bourgeoisie must be disarmed, and various gun control schemes would be implemented until that goal was achieved. Yes, to ensure the safety of the builders of Soviet America, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” must be infringed.

Note: William Z. Foster was the National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, and author of the 1932 book titled, Toward Soviet America! The title of Foster’s book served as inspiration for the title of the 2010 book, Welcome to Soviet America: Special Edition.

Of course, Foster was following in the footsteps of Vladimir Lenin, the “Father of Soviet Russia.” Lenin had been quoted saying, “…one of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming of the workers [proletariat] and the disarming of the bourgeoisie [middle class].” Lenin was followed by Joseph Stalin who said, “If the opposition [to communism] disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

Collectively, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev and their comrades disarmed and murdered 61,911,000 defenseless men, women, and children. That’s almost double the population of Canada in 2010. None of these victims were casualties of foreign war. Instead, they were casualties of the armed domestic culture war waged by officials of the Soviet government against their own disarmed people.

Note: The genocide figure of 61,911,000 is based on the work of R. J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, and author of the 1994 book titled, Death by Government.

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Everyone Is Under The Surveillance Of A Government That Believes It Has The Right To Violate Your Rights!

Modern video the chamber

Welcome to Soviet America

Where Nearly Everyone is Under

Government Surveillance!

William Binney, a former mathematician and code breaker at the National Security Agency, says the Federal Bureau of Investigation records the emails of nearly all Americans. That includes members of Congress, and he warns that the government can use this information against anyone. According to Binney, “The FBI has access to the data collected, which is basically the emails of virtually everybody in the country. And the FBI has access to it.”

Details are available at WND.com.

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Welcome to Soviet America

Where Government Fabricates

the Right to Violate Your Rights!

The builders of Soviet America claim they have the right to violate the rights of others in every conceivable and inconceivable manner! And they have been getting away with this predatory and tyrannical behavior for many generations! However, the destruction of rights has accelerated to an alarming extent following the attacks of September 11, 2001. And with a Marxist in the White House, there is no end in sight!

Details are available at AmericaThinker.com.

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Dinesh D’Souza Teaches A Few Important Lessons With Brilliant Simplicity!


Dinesh D’Souza Teaches A Few Important Lessons With Brilliant Simplicity!

In this short video, Dinesh D’Souze captures perfectly the glaring difference between the perspective of the Left and the Right on an important issue. And he does it with simple analogies that most anyone can grasp. In just six minutes he demonstrates that misguided tyranny should not be misrepresented as charity. Clearly, true charity can only occur within the context of liberty!

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ObamaLaughing (TheBlaze)

Communist Party USA: Obama Is Our Man!

With Barack Obama in the White House, American Communists say they do not need to run a Communist Party member for President. They can accomplish their goals by supporting Obama and other members of the Democrat Party. In addition, with Obama sitting in the Oval Office, Communist Party membership has been increasing significantly within the USA, or, perhaps we should say, the USSA!

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