Escape From Soviet America – One Way Or Another!

Should People Who Want To Live In A Constitutional, Sovereign America, Be Forced To Live In An Unconstitutional, Soviet-Style America?

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Professor Walter E. Williams, a respected voice among true conservatives and libertarians, once again examines the issue of separating from a growing tyrannical, unconstitutional, federal government. Professor Williams correctly points out that people who want to live free should not be forced to live under the thumb of people who want to confiscate the money and property of other people – and forcefully micro-mismanage their lives! That issue was at the heart of the American Revolution, as clearly explained in the Declaration of Independence. Moreover, Professor Williams states that, contrary to many false reports, secession is clearly constitutional, and argues this point convincingly.

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Escape From Soviet America – One Way Or Another!

(Read the below comments, then click on the above picture for the full story!)

While some seek to remove entire states from Soviet America via secession, others are simply removing themselves by renouncing their citizenship and fleeing to less oppressive nations! Historically, this is nothing new! As Jews tried to flee Nazi Germany in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler instituted a 25% tax on the assets they tried to take with them when relocating to a less oppressive nation. It has become clear to many Americans that the U.S. Government has been growing more and more oppressive, and now mimics dictatorships such as those found in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

So, like the Jews in Nazi Germany before them, some Sovereign Americans are attempting to escape Soviet America – and they are taking their money with them! This, of course, disturbs those Soviet Americans with a Hitler-like view of other people’s money and property. So, not surprisingly, Democrat Senator Charles Schumer now wants to Out-Hitler Adolf Hitler by proposing a 30% tax on the assets of those who wish to escape from Soviet America!

Yes, history does repeat itself!

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Conservatives Mourn, Seek Secession & Relocation,

But Communists Are Celebrating!

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No surprise here! American conservatives and libertarians were gravely disappointed with the results of the 2012 Presidential election. Conservative radio talk show host Bill Cunningham stated that he actually became physically ill. Others reported more than just simple sadness. However, the Communist Party, USA, celebrated the re-election of their leader, Barack Hussein Obama. In addition, Sam Webb, the head of the CPUSA, spoke about the role Communists played in helping Obama retain control of the White House.

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