Escape From Soviet America – One Way Or Another!

Should People Who Want To Live In A Constitutional, Sovereign America, Be Forced To Live In An Unconstitutional, Soviet-Style America?

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Professor Walter E. Williams, a respected voice among true conservatives and libertarians, once again examines the issue of separating from a growing tyrannical, unconstitutional, federal government. Professor Williams correctly points out that people who want to live free should not be forced to live under the thumb of people who want to confiscate the money and property of other people – and forcefully micro-mismanage their lives! That issue was at the heart of the American Revolution, as clearly explained in the Declaration of Independence. Moreover, Professor Williams states that, contrary to many false reports, secession is clearly constitutional, and argues this point convincingly.

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Escape From Soviet America – One Way Or Another!

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While some seek to remove entire states from Soviet America via secession, others are simply removing themselves by renouncing their citizenship and fleeing to less oppressive nations! Historically, this is nothing new! As Jews tried to flee Nazi Germany in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler instituted a 25% tax on the assets they tried to take with them when relocating to a less oppressive nation. It has become clear to many Americans that the U.S. Government has been growing more and more oppressive, and now mimics dictatorships such as those found in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

So, like the Jews in Nazi Germany before them, some Sovereign Americans are attempting to escape Soviet America – and they are taking their money with them! This, of course, disturbs those Soviet Americans with a Hitler-like view of other people’s money and property. So, not surprisingly, Democrat Senator Charles Schumer now wants to Out-Hitler Adolf Hitler by proposing a 30% tax on the assets of those who wish to escape from Soviet America!

Yes, history does repeat itself!

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Conservatives Mourn, Seek Secession & Relocation,

But Communists Are Celebrating!

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No surprise here! American conservatives and libertarians were gravely disappointed with the results of the 2012 Presidential election. Conservative radio talk show host Bill Cunningham stated that he actually became physically ill. Others reported more than just simple sadness. However, the Communist Party, USA, celebrated the re-election of their leader, Barack Hussein Obama. In addition, Sam Webb, the head of the CPUSA, spoke about the role Communists played in helping Obama retain control of the White House.

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The Builders of a Global Soviet-Style Government Feel Threatened by Free Speech – Especially Internet Speech!

The Builders Of A Global Soviet-Style Government Feel Threatened By Free Speech – Especially Internet Speech!

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The long, successful march toward a Soviet-style America has many patriots concerned, especially following the re-election of a hardcore Marxist such as Barack Obama. However, the goal of simultaneously creating a global Soviet-style government, often dubbed the New World Order, appears to be less likely to be achieved than the goal of creating a Soviet-style America.

The threat to a global Soviet-style government comes primarily from vastly increased communication in recent years, especially via the Internet. Too many people are learning about their sinister plans. This, of course, explains why the builders of Soviet America want the United Nations to tax and regulate the Internet. They want the UN to tax, regulate, and incrementally strangulate the providers of the free speech that threatens their New World Order.

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Tech Companies Resisting UN Control Of Internet

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Tech companies are gearing up to resist UN plans to take control of the Internet. Keep in mind the UN played no role in the creation of the Internet, and it played no role in the development of its success. The desire of such an organization to seize control of that which does not belong to them is at the core of the Marxist mindset. It is at the core of the mindset of the thief. The UN, like any thief, will dress itself in sheep’s clothing and, using the “foot-in-the-door” technique, will simply state that they wish to protect free speech, not trample it.

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Joseph Stalin, United Nations Advocate

Whenever considering the United Nations, keep in mind the following:

In his 1981 book titled The United Nations Conspiracy, author Robert W. Lee provided abundant evidence to show that, while the Soviet Union publicly feigned opposition to the UN, the Soviets were truly staunch supporters. For example, when the establishment of the UN was under consideration an editorial in The New York Times noted that “Soviet Russia” was willing to compromise “on at least ten important issues in order to assure the prompt and successful establishment of the U.N.”

In Pravda – the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – the homicidal Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was quoted saying, “I attribute great importance to the U.N.O. since it is a serious instrument for preservation of peace and international security.” Andrei Vishinsky, the Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister stated that, “The policy of the USSR with regard to the United Nations calls for strengthening that body…”

Furthermore, in the Daily Worker – a now defunct daily newspaper of the Communist Party, USA – it was written that “…it’s not the UN that merits your scorn and active opposition, but the policies that have undermined the UN.” Moreover, the Preamble to the Constitution adopted by the Communist Party, USA, in 1957 stated that, “the true national interest of our country and the cause of peace and progress require…the strengthening of the United Nations as a universal instrument of peace.” When Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev visited the United Nations and addressed the General Assembly in 1960 he stated that, “Experience of the work of the United Nations has shown that this body is useful and necessary…”

Clearly, no knowledgeable, freedom-loving American would ever want the United Nations to have the slightest control over the Internet – or anything else!

The Russian Newspaper, Pravda, Comments On Barack Obama’s 2012 Re-election

Russian Newspaper Comments On Obama’s 2012 Re-Election!

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Pravda, a prominent Russian newspaper, says Obama was re-elected in 2012 by an “illiterate society.” While Soviet American and Sovereign American newspapers will not call Obama a Communist, Pravda, which was founded by Communists in the former Soviet Union, has no reservations about labeling Obama a Communist. Moreover, it appears that Communist politicians are now far more popular in Soviet America than in the former Soviet Union!

Russian Newspaper Also Commented On Obama’s 2008 Election!

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Recall that, shortly after Obama was elected President in 2008, Stanislav Mishin wrote an article in the English version of Pravda titled, “American capitalism gone with a whimper.” Mishin’s work was quoted extensively in the 2010 book, Welcome to Soviet America. For four years the former Soviet newspaper has been exposing Obama while Soviet American newspapers have been protecting him. Russians cannot understand why Americans have not learned from the disastrous mistakes made by the Russians (not to mention the Chinese, Cubans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc., who have been foolish enough to embrace socialism/fascism with a police state.)

Warning to Federal Employees:

Obey The Constitution? No! Obey Obama? Yes!

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Like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler before him, Obama is tightening the noose not just around the necks of the people outside of government, but also around the necks of civil servants within government.